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This comic represents yet another milestone in my 'career' as a webcomic artist. Why? It was completely drawn on the computer. No pens, no pencils and no paper! So why did I do this? Well, first of all... I was starting to run out of paper... And besides, I just HAD to try it once. Now that I've done it I think I might try it again. It's hard at first, because it feels so awkward. I will always feel more comfortable with a pencil in my hands I think. However, doing the whole thing on the computer does have its advantages. See the three panels in the middle where Sandy's expression changes? Ctrl+C Ctrl+V! All I had to do was change a few details on the face!
No, I don't think that's cheating...

I think we just found one of the very few things in life which can actually tick Sandy off... What will happen now? Find out next week!

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