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So... A lot of people were wondering what happened to Yuk ever since he was left to pick himself back together again. Some of you suspected he was still doing that somewhere in the background... And you were absolutely, 100% correct!
And now poor Yuk can start all over again. He never saw it coming... But anyway, it looks like Nile and Nami have got this teamwork thing down. Poor Quilava...

So anyway, about the artwork: this is the first picture I drew with my new version of Photoshop, 9.0. I used to have 5.0, but 9.0 has a lot more added functions. For instance, the soundeffects for this page are really easy to make now. Photoshop 9.0 has a simple function for warping text, which by the way can always be editted until you decide to make it permanent. It's awesome! I used to have to make these soundeffects myself, from scratch. Now I only need to click a few icons... It feels as if I'm cheating somehow...

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