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More hateful remarks. Can you feel the love? I know I can. On a side-note: these backgrounds are really starting to kill me. In fact, SoL's entire production process is... cumbersome. At this rate I'll still be working on this comic when I hit 30. Not that that's a bad thing. I like SoL, but eventually I may also want to do other comics.
I already announced this on the front page a few weeks ago, but now I'm really going to do this: Next week I will show you guys three pages, rather than just one, each in different, more simplified forms. I want to see how long it would take me to do these pages and I want to see if I like the results.

I don't like abandoning SoL's current high-polished finish. But if I keep this up, this plot just isn't going to go anywhere, y'know? Anyway, I could really use some input in this, once I have the three test pages.
The ultimate goal is to find a way to update faster. That would make everybody happy, right? :)

On a different note: I'd like to thank Lenval for teaching me how to make those oddly-shaped panels you see on this page (panels 3 and 5). Thanks a lot! Now I'll finally be able to make my pages look more dynamic!

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