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Name: Helen Aubrey
Age: 52 years
Occupation: House wife (part-time job as a shop keeper)
Battle style: N/A
Hometown: (Unspecified), Kanto
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green
First appearance: Page 130
Current team: -
Auntie Helen is your typical jovial house wife. She works hard to keep her house spotless, and she has a part-time job to earn a little extra money to supplement her widow inheritance. While she isn't rich, or particularly educated she is generally quite a happy woman. Her husband died in a climbing accident when she was younger and she has not remarried. She also did not have any children. Later, when her brother and sister-in-law died in a car crash, she was given custody over their little boy, Matt.

Helen raised the boy with all the love she had in her and never stopped being proud of him. She knew he was having a hard time at his new school and did her best to help him through it. When he finally made a new friend, Karen, she was very happy. Now she welcomes every new friend he makes with such maternal enthusiasm, it is almost intimidating.
Luckily, she knows Kevin is not exactly a friend of Matt's.

Trivia: Helen is a very, VERY heavy sleeper.

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