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Name: Karen McKie
Age: 19 years
Occupation: Pokémon rancher
Battle style: Scrutinizing, but sometimes rash
Hometown: (Unspecified), Kanto
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Green
First appearance: Page 142
Current team:
Karen is Matt's childhood friend. She lives on a ranch outside of the town in which they both grew up and went to school. She was one of the few kids willing to give Matt a chance, despite being told that he supposedly hated Pokémon.

Now that she's grown up, Karen often ventures off the ranch to run errands for her father. Having grown up among Pokémon, she has a natural affinity for them and understands how they feel. She'll do anything to make a Pokémon feel comfortable. Because she clearly understands Pokémon better than Matt does, she sometimes makes fun of him, though in a slightly teasing way. She doesn't mean anything by it, though it should be said she isn't quite as sensitive to the feelings of people as she is to those of Pokémon.

Karen has two sides to her, which both show in the way she battles. On the one hand she can be analytical and calculative. She will carefully consider all possible outcomes of a fight, and she'll adjust her battle tactics accordingly. Sometimes, however, her more rash side will shine through, in which case she'll become unpredictable and sometimes even a little irrational. Things usually work out for her anyway, but she thinks this rashness might have come from her close interaction with Matt. That said, her analytical side is stronger than her rash side, though her actions themselves tend to be motivated by emotions rather than logical sense.

Trivia: The characters Karen and her Pokémon belong to Lenval.

Nina is Karen's starter, and she's her trusty partner. More often than not, Nina travels outside of her Pokéball.

In many ways Nina is just like her trainer. She can be rash, but she's also quite analytical and calculative when she fights. Nina isn't too fond of Pokémon with a type advantage over her. Grave isn't so bad, but water types are intimidating to her. The fact that Nile seems to have a small crush on her doesn't help much, as far as helping her get over her fear goes.

Not that she'll ever admit to being afraid of him. Oh no. Nina is quite certain she is stronger than Nile.


Name: Nina
Species: Charmander (Fire type)
Gender: Female
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Blaze
Effect: Ups fire moves in a pinch
Level: 13

Official moves: Scratch, Ember, Smoke Screen, Overheat

Non-active moves: Growl, Return

Held item: -
Effect: -
First appearance: Page 143
Previous form(s): -
Evolved: -

Nobody really knows where Grave came from. He just showed up severely injured on Karen's doorstep one day. Karen nursed him back to health, and Grave decided to stick around for a while. Many of Karen's Pokémon are actually strays who she took in. Grave has several nasty scars on his body and skull, but that doesn't seem to affect him too much. Apparently he has fought many harsh battles before he met Karen.

Grave considers himself a true warrior, and he takes every battle very seriously. He likes to think he is the most powerful Pokémon on Karen's team, but this isn't quite true.

Name: Grave
Species: Cubone (Ground type)
Gender: Male
Nature: Brave
Ability: Lightning Rod
Effect: Draws Electric attacks to himself
Level: 23

Official moves: Focus Energy, Bonemerang, Headbutt, Rage

Non-active moves: Growl, Tail Whip, Bone Club, Headbutt, Leer

Held item: -
Effect: -
First appearance: Page 143
Previous form(s): -
Evolved: -

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