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Name: Kevin Renninger
Age: 19 years
Occupation: Uhm... N/A?
Battle style: Brutal
Hometown: (Unspecified), Kanto
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Black
First appearance: Page 125
Current team:
Kevin is a total fruitcake. There is no other way to put it. And he's not exactly the harmless kind either. Why he hasn't been sent to the funny farm yet is anyone's guess. It may be because he hasn't killed anyone. Yet.

Kevin moved into town shortly after Matt. He was about ten years old at the time. At first it looked like the two might become friends. They were both awkward around other kids (Matt's only other friend at the time was Karen) and they seemed to lack social skills. So when Matt decided to greet the new boy, Kevin asked Matt and Karen: "Will you be my friends?"
It was only after they said 'yes' that they found out Kevin has a very warped understanding of what the words 'friend' and 'play' mean. To Kevin 'playing' means beating a person senseless. Matt found out the hard way when he pulled the little nut off Karen and tried to protect her. What followed was perhaps the bloodiest school fight Kanto had witnessed in ten years. Matt was already known for fighting off small Pokémon with his bare hands, but the smaller Kevin was truly terrifying in his own right.

After that, everybody knew not to 'make friends' with Kevin. The local gang of bullies soon recruited Kevin, making sure he understood they were not his friends, and told him they wanted to help him get to his 'friend' Matt. Now that he is grown up, even most adults are afraid of Kevin.

As a trainer Kevin acts in much the same way as he would when he faces a 'friend' on his own. Basically the opposing trainer would be wise to withdraw their Pokémon as soon as possible. Under the right circumstances Kevin might even order his Pokémon to attack unprovoked; to him seeing a 'friend' walk around with their Pokémon out is already an invitation to 'play'.

All of this doesn't mean Kevin is unpredictable. If you know him well enough, you learn to get along with him relatively safely. The most important thing of course is to decline his offers to become friends. His mind is very childlike and can be bent in more desirable behaviours. Over the years, Matt has become one of the few people who knows how to verbally control Kevin, despite being Kevin's friend (Kevin's friends are friends for life, by the way).

Kevin already had Volt when he moved into town, though he was just an Elekid at the time. Volt is Kevin's main Pokémon, and he is probably the most powerful one too.

Like most of Kevin's Pokémon, Volt is enigmatic. Nobody really knows what's going on inside his head. Why does he follow the orders of a madman? Why would he stay with someone who sees his Pokémon as little more than extensions of his own two fists? Does he even really care or think about these things?
While Kevin certainly takes proper care of his Pokémon and treats their injuries, he is by no means a loving and balanced individual.

Whatever may be the reason, Volt follows his trainer's orders blindly, though unlike most of Kevin's other Pokémon, Volt seems to show slight hesitation before each attack. That said, when Volt fights his focus is intense, and his attacks land hard.

Name: Volt
Species: Electabuzz (Electric type)
Gender: Male
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Static
Effect: When hit by a physical attack, Volt may paralyze his opponent
Level: 37

Official moves: Light Screen, Low Kick, Thunderbolt, Psychic

Non-active moves: Quick Attack, Leer, Thundershock, Swift, Shock Wave, Thunderpunch, Discharge, Focus Punch, Iron Tail, Rock Smash, Strength, Fire Punch, Ice Punch

Held item: -
Effect: -
First appearance: Page 156
Previous form(s):

Evolved: Before SoL

Kevin caught Pierce shortly after he became serious about training Pokémon. It's not entirely certain how he managed to catch the Sandshrew, since he only had Volt at the time, but most people believe Volt just beat Pierce senseless; type disadvantage or not.

While Volt is the strongest Pokémon on the team, Pierce is by no means weak. In fact, Kevin often uses Pierce for defensive tactics. Kevin may be nuts, but he does actually grasp Pokémon tactics and doesn't just send his Pokémon to mindlessly attack.

Unlike Volt, Pierce doesn't show any emotions at all, so it is impossible to tell what he is thinking. It may just mean that he does not know any better, and that he thinks the way his trainer acts is normal.

Name: Pierce
Species: Sandslash (Ground type)
Gender: Male
Nature: Quirky
Ability: Sand Veil
Effect: Raises Pierce's evasion during a sandstorm
Level: 32

Official moves: Rapid Spin, Crush Claw, Dig, Aerial Ace

Non-active moves: Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand-attack, Poison Sting, Swift, Fury Swipes, Roll Out, Fury Cutter, Double Team, Shadow Claw, Poison Jab, Metal Claw

Held item: -
Effect: -
First appearance: Page 125
Previous form(s):

Evolved: Before SoL

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