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Stuff of Legend cast: Matt - Sandy - Sub - Wesley - Nick - Gordon - Auntie Helen - Karen - Kevin

Name: Matt 'the Red' Ray
Age: 18 years
Occupation: Pokémon trainer
Battle style: Intuitive
Hometown: (Unspecified), Kanto
Hair color: Purple (used to be red)
Eye color: Bright green (pupils are hardly ever visible)
First appearance: Page 4
Current team:
When he was a young child Matt moved to a small town near Viridian City, after his parents died in a car crash. He was raised by his aunt and spent most of his life getting into and out of trouble, before finally deciding to become a Pokémon trainer. Two months before he met Sandy, Matt received his first Pokémon, a Totodile, from a friendly professor from Johto. Matt named the little blue reptile Nile (the name 'Nile Guardian', which Matt first intended to give this Pokémon, exceeded the ten-digit limit for nicknames... thank goodness) and set out on his journey.
In the world of Pokémon, where children are apparently encouraged to leave school as early as possible and travel to the far corners of the world unsupervised to fight and defeat ferocious creatures, Matt actually became a trainer relatively late in his life. This, however, doesn't seem to put him off. Matt continues to aim for the highest possible goals and claims he will one day become "the Stuff of Legend". Whatever that may be.

Since he lacks apprehension, impulse control and patience, Matt was never the type to do things one step at the time. He skipped most of the basic steps towards becoming a successful trainer (these steps would include catching and training Pokémon and obtaining gym badges in order to reach a higher rank among trainers), and went straight to challenging the most powerful trainers he could find in his quest in becoming the greatest trainer ever.
And well, the rest is history.

Trivia: Matt is mostly based on my little brother Matthew. However, this character also has some Naruto and a dash of Ash Ketchum in him. While he is deliberately a bit of a stereotypical Japanese hero-type, I try not to make him too shallow and shouty. He can be a bit of an idiot sometimes though, even though he appears to have street smarts too.

Nile was the first Pokémon Matt ever obtained. He was given to Matt by professor Elm to help him on his journeys. Nile was drawn to the young man due to his initial rebellious nature. Even though Matt is rather inexperienced as a trainer, Nile is devoted to him and will trust his judgement blindly. They haven't been together very long yet, but several of Matt's personality traits have already rubbed off on Nile. Like Matt, Nile often rushes into situations he might not fully be able to handle and he has been known to mimic his trainer's movements and poses.

Even though both Nile and Matt often get into trouble, Matt's resolve and his Totodile's courage will see them through... usually anyway.

Name: Nile
Species: Totodile (Water type)
Gender: Male
Nature: Brave
Ability: Torrent
Effect: Ups water moves in a pinch
Level: 14

Official moves: Headbutt, Water Gun, Ice Beam, Bite

Non-active moves: Scratch, Leer, Rage

Held item: -
Effect: -
First appearance: Page 4
Previous form(s): -
Evolved: -

Sometimes, when a Pokémon breeder wants to breed a certain Pokémon, they want that Pokémon to possess particular qualities, such as superior stats, useful abilities and a beneficial nature. In order to obtain such a Pokémon, some breeders will breed and hatch a huge amount of eggs. When they finally hatch their perfect Pokémon, the breeder often finds him- or herself with several dozens of unwanted hatchlings, who didn't quite make the grade. Not in their eyes at least.

So the unwanted ones get released into the wild and in the games at least, you'll never see them again. But what if bred and released Pokémon ended up being caught by other trainers instead? What if someone caught one of your rejects? And loved it?

This is what happened to Nami. This young Rattata was the first Pokémon Matt ever caught, and she turned out to be an unusual and unexpected asset to the team, due to her egg moves and her rather fierce disposition during battles. Outside of combat, Nami is just an innocent little baby, who likes nothing better than to play all day, see new things and meet new friends. She's also easily impressed by new things and has a highly inquisitive nature. Nile dotes on her.

Name: Nami
Species: Rattata (Normal type)
Gender: Female
Nature: Naive
Ability: Guts
Effect: Raises Attack when suffering from a status effect
Level: 12

Official moves: Double Team, Quick Attack, Flame Wheel, Screech

Non-active moves include, but are not limited to: Tackle, Tail Whip, Focus Energy, Bite, Pursuit, Uproar, Counter, Reversal, Me First, Grass Knot, Thunderbolt

Held item: -
Effect: -
First appearance: Page 58
Previous form(s): -
Evolved: -

Before Yann joined Matt's party, Yuk was Matt's most powerful Pokémon. It wouldn't normally be possible for a rookie trainer like him, carrying the Pokémon he did, to catch a Muk like this. However, Yuk is a special case. Yuk joined Matt more or less voluntarily. Since his level was so much higher than that of the other Pokémon on the team, Yuk was Matt's most devastating 'surprise' whenever he was in a tight spot. Yuk has saved the day for his trainer quite often, but would probably have been able to do so even more frequently if Matt didn't make the purple goop heap use the move 'Explosion' so much.

Explosion is basically the most powerful move in the world of Pokémon, and since Yuk has a very high attack power he can usually KO an opponent with one hit. The only nasty side effect is... well... mass destruction and instant self-knock-out...

Whenever Matt makes Yuk use Explosion to knock out an opponent, he loses Yuk, which used to mean he risked having to use his other much weaker Pokémon in battle, if the opposing trainer still has other Pokémon in reserve. And most trainers actually did.

But now that Matt also has Yann Lee to fall back on, chances are he'll become even more reckless.

Yuk takes his name from his own altered call. Instead of "Muk", he says "Yuk". Some people take this anomaly as a sign of intelligence, but in truth nobody really knows what goes on in Yuk's mind. He often seems very absent-minded. Although he always follows commands during battles, outside battles Yuk will generally ignore people even when they speak to him. This probably has nothing to do with disobedience. It's far more likely that Yuk simply doesn't realize that these people are talking to him.
Despite all this, it seems that this Pokémon actually has several useful abilities...

Name: Yuk
Species: Muk (Poison type)
Gender: Male
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Sticky Hold
Effect: Yuk's item cannot be stolen
Level: 38

Official moves: Attract, Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Explosion

Non-active moves include, but are not limited to: Poison Gas, Pound, Harden, Mud-Slap, Disable, Minimize, Sludge, Mud Bomb, Fling, Screech, Lick, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Shadow Punch, Shadow Sneak

Held item: -
Effect: -
First appearance: Page 10
Previous form(s)

Evolved: Before being 'caught'

When Matt's uncle passed away, aunt Helen lost her husband and Yann Lee lost his trainer. His death was a heavy blow for the Hitmonlee, as it meant the premature end of his life-long dream: to become the ultimate fighting Pokémon.

Yann didn't necessary want to become the most powerful fighting-type Pokémon - able to even take out Pokémon with type advantages over him - but rather he wanted to perfect his martial skills. To him martial arts are literally an art form. According to Yann a well-fought fight is more important than winning (not that winning is bad, mind you).

With his hopes and dreams shattered, Yann spent nearly 13 years helping Helen with the household. While he was bitter about his fate, he cares for Helen and resigned himself to a life behind the sink. Yann took his household duties as seriously as his training, which incidentally he never dropped.

Yann Lee is quite intelligent and meticulous, and he is a perfectionist. While he is indeed older than Matt, he is considered middle-aged by Hitmonlee-standards (in the SoL universe Pokémon live quite long). Speaking of Matt, Yann generally considers him a bit of a nuisance. To him Matt is noisy, boisterous, impulsive and quite rude. His ignorance about Pokémon in general also doesn't score him any points in Yann's book. So when Matt decided to become a trainer, Yann's immediate reaction was highly sceptical.

That said, Yann knows Helen loves Matt, and having seen him grow up, Yann himself also has a soft spot for the young man. But he won't easily show it. Matt consideres Yann some sort of indestructable super hero. He has looked up to the Hitmonlee ever since he was a child, with the same sort of giddy awe he still displays whenever he talks about how amazing Yann is. Even to a bitter, middle-aged Hitmonlee who has never had a chance to fulfill his own dreams, it is hard not to be flattered by this kind of devotion.

However, he certainly never wanted to become Matt's bodyguard! Matt's ambitious plans have now taken him onto dangerous roads. Worrying about her nephew's safety, Helen sent Yann to keep an eye on him. Yann will do his best, but that doesn't mean he'll like it. Or follow Matt's orders, if they don't jive with his own plans.

Name: Yann Lee
Species: Hitmonlee (Fighting type)
Gender: Male
Nature: Careful
Ability: Reckless
Effect: The power of moves that have recoil damage is doubled, but so is the recoil
Level: 53

Official moves: Foresight, Close Combat, Mega Kick, Double Edge

Non-active moves include, but are not limited to: Revenge, Double Kick, Meditate, Rolling Kick, Jump Kick, Brick Break, Focus Energy, Feint, Hi Jump Kick, Mind Reader, Blaze Kick, Endure, Counter, Bullet Punch, Vacuum Wave, Fake Out, Low Kick, Headbutt, Bounce, Sucker Punch, Superpower, Poison Jab, Stone Edge, Focus Punch, Bulk Up, Protect, Earthquake, Focus Blast

Held item: -
Effect: -
First appearance: Page 133
Previous form(s):

Evolved: Before SoL

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