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Name: Nick O'Deon
Age: 13 years
Occupation: Pokémon trainer
Battle style: Inexperienced
Hometown: Vermilion City, Kanto
Hair color: Orange
Eye color: Blue
First appearance: Page 27
Current team:
Nick, or rather: Nikita, is a total tomboy. Much to her mother's frustration, Nick engages in brash activities such as climbing trees, wrestling and of course Pokémon battling. She is always wildly enthusiastic and brimming with energy, so much so in fact that sometimes she'll even drive her own friends up the walls. When Nick, Wesley or Gordon get into trouble, it's usually a fair bet that one of Nick's crazy schemes that got them there.

School is extremely boring to her, and Nick would love nothing more than to become a Pokémon trainer, just like her cousin Wesley, who she practically idolizes. Unfortunately her mother is not real big on the idea, and would rather see her finish school. She's also not very happy about her daughter's choice in hair style and clothing, and she'll frequently try to dress Nick more femininely.

Nick loves being in the Pokémon fan club, and takes it very seriously. In this, she is probably alone, because both Wes and Gordon are really only marginally interested in what the club really stands for. That said, there are a few members, like the twins Lynn and Brooke, who she just can't stand.

Nick is particularly close to Wesley, who she regards as her older brother. Nick and Wesley are also neighbours, and Nick's family is one of the few people who are still willing to associate with the Miller family. Nick knows something has been bothering Wesley for several years now. Ever since he got back from his student exchange trip to the Orre region, Wesley has been glum and annoyed. Many people seem to think Wesley acts the way he does because of his father's troubles, but Nick isn't convinced. She never managed to get him to tell her what happened to him in Orre, but she suspects that's where the real root of it all can be found.

When Wesley became a Pokémon trainer, he noticed that Nick was sad because he would be away on his journeys for a very long time. Also, becoming a trainer was Nick's greatest wish, but she was too young (6 years old at the time). On top of that, it looked like she might never become a trainer even when she did become old enough, because her mother was not very keen on the idea.
So as soon as he had the opportunity, Wesley took his new Cyndaquil out and caught a low-level Pidgey. He gave the small bird to Nick, told her how to train him and said he wanted to see how strong Pidgey would be once he got back. He convinced Nick's mother that the bird was nothing more than a pet, and by the time she knew any better Nick and Pidgey were already too attached to each other to be separated. So Nick's mother allowed the bird to stay on the condition that Nick would clean up after him (he is a pigeon after all).

Pidgey has since evolved into Pidgeotto, but this took years of training. Despite Wesley's lessons, Nick is not a very skilled trainer and getting Pidgeotto this far has been very hard for her. Nevertheless, she hopes she'll get the hang of this thing called "training" eventually, and she's confident things will speed up once she does.

In many ways Pidgeotto is Nick's emotional counterpart. He is quiet and a little nervous, and he has suffered through many of her harebrained schemes. His way of protesting consists of raising an eyebrow and looking very nervous. Pidgeotto is probably also smarter than his trainer. He is still devoted to her, however.

Battles are not exactly appealing to Pidgeotto, but this may be more due to bad experiences, rather than actually being bad at them. Nick mainly uses him for reconnaissance purposes when he's not fighting, and together they developed a rudimentary sign language so that they could communicate. (The idea to use sign language most likely came from Pidgeotto.) Nick seems to think that she has to sign back at him, even though Pidgeotto is perfectly able to understand her spoken commands. Their sign language has grown more elaborate over the years, to the point that Pidgeotto can sign fully formed, complex sentences at his trainer now.

Besides Nick, Pidgeotto is also close friends with Wesley's Quilava.

Name: Pidgeotto
Species: Pidgeotto (Normal/Flying type)
Gender: Male
Nature: Careful
Ability: Keen Eye
Effect: Opponent cannot lower this Pokémon's accuracy
Level: 20

Official moves: Sand-attack, Gust, Quick Attack, Whirlwind

Non-active moves: Tackle

Held item: -
Effect: -
First appearance: Page 256
Previous form(s):

Evolved: Before SoL

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