Title: A WEEK OFF!! YAY!!! *Runs around arms flailing*
Author: Neko
Date: 27 January 2007

I finally got a week off from uni, which means: time to slack off!! Woohoo!!!! So anyway, the new SoL is up and I've done some more work on the castpage. It's progressing quite slowly because I am drawing new pictures for it. I just completed and uploaded Sandy's portrait. One down and two to go...
I COULD just copy and paste pictures of the trainers from the comics, but I'm just not like that. Lol. Besides, Sub hasn't appeared in the comic yet...

Title: Same old story...
Author: Neko
Date: 20 January 2007

I haven't completed the SoL castpage yet. Some personal problems have come up, involving my grandparents. The new comic is done though, so you can go check it out. I'm also happy to inform you that I survived this week's storm (duh), so SoL will hopefully be around in the future as well... Lol. ;)

Title: A breath of fresh air
Author: Neko
Date: 13 January 2007

I completed one of the courses for uni, so I have a bit more breathing space now. The other course will be finished soon too, but the break will be shortlived... I'm sure of that...
Anyway, the new SoL is up. I've also worked on the SoL castpage. It is still unfinished, but I hope to sort that out soon. On a more personal note: I also finished Zelda tTP! I liked playing this game very much, but somewhere near the end I got a bit puzzled. As with most Zelda's, tTP leaves you with a lot of unawnsered questions and I just KNOW that Zelda theorists and timelinebuilders are going to splatter their views on this game all over the internet! *sigh*
Soon after finishing Zelda, I bought a PS2. A thin pink one. It was the only one they had left. I will always like Nintendo, really! But the playstation just has more game's and they are cheap too! :)
So sue me!

Title: Things that go boom...
Author: Neko
Date: 6 January 2007

The new SoL is up. Next weeks SoL will feature the aftermath of that explosion attack. Uni has become a bit more manageable again (for now anyway), so I can finally do some more stuff with the website... after... I finish Zelda anyway... ^_^

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