Title: Mother's birthday
Author: Neko
Date: 31 March 2007

Tomorrow is April fools. It's also my mother's birthday, AND I've heard that this April marks the 10-year anniversary of Pokémon! Wow, I'm feeling festive! ^_^
I've uploaded the new SoL, so you can go and read it!
For those of you who've read my previous post (rant), I've found out that the background image on Default skin 3 actually works on our upstairs computer. It just doesn't work on mine. I guess the problem is not with the server after all, but rather with the settings of my browser, or something like that. I'll take a look at it when I have a bit more time on my hands...
I also changed SoL's logo. After I messed my old (meticulously handdrawn) logo up by spelling it as 'Stuff of Ledend', I created a temporary new one which appeared as the comic's first 'page'. It looked like this.

The new one looks like this.

Yes, it's just Comic Sans MS with some extras I added in Photoshop, and yes it's not excactly highly original, but I do sort of like it somehow. I think I'll keep it.
I also read the manual my webprovider provided for Plesk. Turns out that Plesk can only upload files one at the time, but if I had installed and used a FTP programme, I could have just uploaded the whole site with one mouseclick...

Well, who reads manuals anyway? :P

Title: Update...
Author: Neko
Date: 24 March 2007

I finally managed to upload the site and get it to work more or less the way I want it to. This morning, when I wrote the previous post, I was rather euphoric because I thought uploading would be a matter of simply selecting the right files on my computer and copying them to the server...
Yeah, when pigs fly...

Turns out my new webhoster uses Plesk to upload files. It looks pretty sweet, but it requires you to upload your files one by one, by hand. And let me tell you: after you've had to upload about 320 files to run your website, even Blue Uncia seems HUGE. But the fun wasn't over after that, because I discovered that most of my pictures weren't working. So I checked all my codes and the names of the folders (I had to dublicate those by hand as well -_-') to see if I could discover the problem and then I suddenly saw it. Some pictures had names with lowercap extensions, such as .jpg and .gif. They were working FINE, but somehow most of my pictures had uppercap extensions (.JPG and .GIF) and as a result they didn't work. So I thought to myself: '1. Howcome I have mixed extensions like that? I never saw those on my computer, they were all the same, and 2. why does it even matter? The site worked fine on my own computer'. Well, I now know why the extensions differ; it's because I got a new computer this year and installed a newer version of Photoshop on it. This version appearantly saves its files with uppercap extensions. And normally that's fine, because windows and browsers can pick those up anyway. But it didn't work on my server, so after manually uploading each file I had to manually look at each and every one and change two thirds of the extensions to lowercaps. Silly capsensitivity...
And the strange thing is that I still don't have the site working EXACTLY the way I wanted it to. For some odd reason the background-image for Default skin 3 doesn't work. It can't be the codes, because they are identical to Default 2 and it works fine. I also checked the filename and it's fine too. To top it all off, the whole thing works perfectly on my pc. I also had nifty .txt-files for each banner on the Link to Blue Uncia page, that would give you the code you need for any particular banner. However, the server seems to want to read the textfiles as html-files (I never told you to do THAT), so it translates the code and gives images instead... Silly html...

Well, it took me about three and a half hours to upload this tiny little website, but my weekly updates are much smaller. So it shouldn't be much of a problem for the future. I would just like to say to my webhoster: 'PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT PLESK!!!!' Thank you very much... :p

Title: Welcome to Blue Uncia!
Author: Neko
Date: 24 March 2007

Welcome to my little website, Blue Uncia! Up untill today this website only existed offline, tucked away somewhere on my pc. As of today it is online and here for you to visit anytime you feel like it. So what can you do here? Well errr... not much, but there are a view things worth seeing here; four infact. So I will list these things for you, but feel free to explore too!
1. One of the things I am particularly proud of is the Styleswitcher, which will allow you to choose different skins for this website. There are currently seven skins to choose from, but I will probably make some more in the future.
2. One of the things I'm not so proud of, but still is worth seeing is my over the top Link to Blue Uncia page. It started out small, but then it got out of controll and now there are just sooo many banners...
3. There are also galleries where I showcase some of my artwork. The pictures are sorted according to their themes, but there are two closed galleries for now. These will open eventually, but I have my reasons for keeping them closed for now. The other galleries are occasionally updated with new pictures, but I will announce this on the homepage.
4. The most interesting feature is probably the webcomic Stuff of Legend. This webcomic is a fancomic about Pokémon and is updated every Saturday. Hopefully SoL is the first of many comics I'll create and publish on Blue Uncia.

That about sums up the most interesting content of this little website. You could also check out my Links page, which contains links to other webcomics I like and if you're really really bored, you can also read my Archived news. There you'll find all my old posts; I was basically talking to myself for the last nine months. So uhm... yeah...

.... Stop staring at me, please...

Title: Last day offline?
Author: Neko
Date: 23 March 2007

Well, first the big scoop: I just registered myself at a webhoster, so Blue Uncia might come online as soon as tomorrow! So I just prepped the site one last time before going online. Basically I did some small things in the html-titles (boring html-talk, just ignore this and nod) and I redid the layout of the Link to Blue Uncia page. We all know I went a bit overboard on the banners... I even added yet ANOTHER one this week: one involving the coolest Pokémon ever, Scyther! I'm sure I'll look at it a year from now and go: "Yuck...", but I'm happy with it now and that's what counts. As for the layout of the page, well the page was getting a bit long because I had separated the animated banners from the non-animated ones. I just chucked them all together now, because I figured you people can probably tell the difference between animated and non-animated by yourselves anyway.
I also changed the background image for Defaultskin 3 (again). It's uhm... better this way, trust me... Now for some really good news: there is also a new SoL. And I decided to use a bit of my buffer, by updating again tomorrow! Lucky you!! ^_^

Title: Nothing to say really...
Author: Neko
Date: 17 March 2007

Still busy, but it's the NICE kind of busy... ^_^
Anyway, I don't have an awfull lot to say. My grandmother seems to be doing a bit better, which is good. I put up the new SoL and I changed the SoL-archive a bit so it will have room for the next chapters. It was starting to become a crowded page and I want to put each chapter on a different page. So that's why I changed it. I can promise you this: four weeks from now chapter one will be over. And it's about time!

Title: Busy busy busy!!
Author: Neko
Date: 10 March 2007

My internships are really starting to become time-consuming now. Which is a good thing, I suppose, because I have to clock about 420 hours to pass. Anyway, this has slowed the SoL-production down somewhat, but I usually have a buffer of about four pages, so it's no big problem. I just can't seem to build in a bit more breathingspace, so I have more time to mess around with. Well, all YOU need to know is that SoL will be brought to you for the next four weeks at least. :P
I probably won't be changing a lot to the site for a while, although I did add some more links to other webcomics in my Links-page. I guess you could say I'm really scouting them out. Blue Uncia is still offline, but I'm looking for a decent webhoster to get it up. I don't know an awful lot about webhosting, so I asked a few friends and my cousin about it. Hopefully, Blue Uncia may come online some day afterall!
Oh, and by the way. The kitty is STILL here and she's come into heat AGAIN. -_-
Whoever said that cats come into heat every three weeks or so, just didn't know Tess. Man, she's only been 'normal' for like three DAYS!

Title: What did I tell ya?
Author: Neko
Date: 3 March 2007

The two weeks are over and the kitty is still here. My mom still isn't sure about keeping her though, seeing as how she did knock the budgiecage down... twice... Well, at least the whole in-heat-thing seems to be over now.
Anyway: there is a new SoL and I've added a few links to other webcomics in the Links-page. I think you'll like them!

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