Title: Where... is my vacation?
Author: Neko
Date: June 30th 2007

For my brothers and my sister the summer holiday is right around the corner. At least, that's the impression I get. As for me... Weeeelll...
I'm still busy with my internships. I have to enter records into a database and write a report when it's all done. All this is supposed to be done about two weeks from now. And AFTER that I still have to write my Masterthesis. I think I'll be busy till August at this rate.
There are so many things I wanted to do in the summer. I wanted to learn how to use Flash, do double SoL-updates and totally renovate the site. I guess all that will be on hold for a while. It's ok, I'm sure I'll be able to finish my thesis in time before graduation time. I'm just a bit tuckered out right now...

Anyway, it's been a little over a week now since I installed the Chatbox and I have to say that I'm happy with how most of you responded to it (the guy advertising Pokémon porn being the only exception). Now at least I can get some serious feedback. So here's this week's question: what would you like to see changed to/added to/removed from Blue Uncia? I already have a few ideas myself, but I really want to see what you guys think.

Title: Chatbox!
Author: Neko
Date: June 23rd 2007

Some of you already noticed it, but Blue Uncia now has a chatbox! Scroll down and leave a message. For now you can only find this feature on the main page, as the box is actually a bit too wide for my menu. It messes up the lay-out of the site, though not too much. I might move it somewhere else one day, but if I do I'll announce it. The chatbox does not change color along with the styleswitcher, so I chose a nice neutral color for it that should look nice on any skin. Once you change a skin, you may notice that the posts in the box have disappeared. Just hit refresh to get them back! I hope you'll all enjoy the box. ^_^
Please only post your replies in English. Most visitors here don't speak Dutch and I don't want to exclude anyone. Also take a look at Stuff of Legend, because I've just updated it.
And now for some pet-related news. I'm glad to tell you that Tess, the straycat we found, but couldn't keep has been relocated. And next week we are going to get a new puppy. A Golden Retriever. :)

Title: Happy Birthday, Elisabeth!!
Author: Neko
Date: June 16th 2007

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday! And I'm feeling festive so I'm going to do a double page update for Stuff of Legend today. That's right, today you get two pages instead of just one! Enjoy! ^_^

Title: I guess I'm just clowning around...
Author: Neko
Date: June 9th 2007

*Sigh* I STILL don't feel the summer yet. Maybe it has something to do with the thunderstorm raging over Europe today. Yesterday we went barbequing with some friends from church. We just had managed to heat the barbeque up when the storm broke lose. I had seen the weather forecasts that morning, so it was a real I-told-you-so-moment. Nevertheless, we took out a big blue plastic sheet and hung it over most of the garden to create a makeshift tent. And while the rain was pouring and the thunder was right above our heads, we had our barbeque!
I don't know WHAT we were thinking... I mean, our tent was being held up by a metal pole from a laundry rack. METAL!! And there was so much rain that the water gathering on the surface of the sheet almost made the whole structure collapse. It was all a bit nuts. Fun though...
Anyway, I survived (obviously) so I can still say: 'The new comic is up'!

Title: And just like that it's June!
Author: Neko
Date: June 2nd 2007

It's amazing how fast time passes by. It's June already, and even though the sun is shining outside, I STILL don't really feel as if I'm about to have my much needed vacation. Maybe it has something to do with that large pile of schoolbooks standing behind me. You know, if I piled them up I bet they would reach up almost as high as my desk!! I'm sure there are more people out there who feel the same about this month. Summer is close enough to be able to taste it, but it's still not quite there yet.
Anyway, on to business. First of all I'd like to apologize about the post I made two weeks ago. For those of you who are using skin 2 or 3, the text was probably unreadable. I haven't fixed it because err... I don't know how/I'm too lazy to figure it out right now. Instead I've dug a big hole in my archives, dumped the post in it and covered it all up again. Maybe I'll sort it out later. Secondly, I'd like to tell you that I came in second with my entry for the Maycontest for PokémonX! I got linked to and let me tell you this, I got more visitors in the last two days than I had in the past month! PokémonX sure is popular, and with good reason of course. ;)
And finally: the new comic is up! What are you still doing here?
I don't know!

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