Title: Happy Birthday SoL! Well, almost...
Author: Neko
Date: October 27th 2007

Tomorrow is SoL's birthday. One year has passed since I first started this comic. According to some people, drawing a comic will dramatically improve your drawingskills. Looking back, I think there might be some truth in that, even if I do say so myself.
Thank you for all your support (and patience). To celebrate, I have added two new pictures to the SoL gallery: Sandy in a bikini! *watches all the guys rush over to the gallery* o_o
Ok... Well, enjoy... XD

Title: It's not exactly Saturday yet...
Author: Neko
Date: October 19th 2007

It's still Friday in most parts of the world, but I've decided to update the comic today anyway. I'm not sure if I'd have enough time to do it tomorrow, so that's why. If you just came here for the comic, I suggest that you stop reading here and head straight for SoL. Everything past this point is a rant. You have been warned...

This week sucked. I normally don't use such strong words, but there's no other way to put it. It sucked. Big time... I needed LOTS of chocolate to get through it...
I spent last Friday, Saturday AND Sunday reading the most boring book you could possibly imagine, for college. And I normally prefer not to work on Sundays. But there was no other way for me to finish all the work in time, because on Monday I had to spend the entire day making my teacher's reader. I only had one day for it, because the reader had to go to the printer that same day, if it was going to be done in time. Well, I made it... if only just.
Then my tacher told me I had to return a lot of books I borrowed from the library, because she needed them for her classes. Well, I wasn't using them anymore, so sure. But she told me I had to do it the very next day, on Tuesday. And there were a lot of books for me to return. Seven big, fat, blue monstrousities, to be exact. So I took them to the library in a small suitcase. It must have looked strange, but those books were really, REALLY heavy. I don't live in the same city as where the library is, so returning the books took me half the day. It was time I could have spent working om my bookreport in stead.
That evening I booted up my computer to finally start writing that report. I was determined to at least get half of it done that day. But first I checked out Blue Uncia, like I always do, to awnser chatbox-comments and check out the webcomics I follow. Finally I decided to check out Smackjeeves, for the newest comics there. I entered the site, and everything went crazy. Suddenly my computer got very laggy and my virus scanner started throwing panic attacks. It kept telling me that there was malicious script detected on my computer.
No kidding... Look at all that lag!
Norton identified a Trojan, called Vundo, but it wasn't able to remove it.
No problem. I know how to deal with stubborn little bugs like that...
So I updated my virus scanner, deleted my temporary internet files and my cookies, disabled XP's System Restore and rebooted my pc in safe mode. Finding the virus was easy, and deleting it didn't take too long either. So I entered normal mode again and wrote my report. That night, after dinner, I started my pc again, to work on the report some more. But something was seriously wrong. Pop-up ads, advertising for movies with naked ladies, were a dead give-away. Spyware, and lots of it too.
This was going to be a long night. I had Norton scan my computer several times, and it found seven added virusses. There were three downloaders, an infostealer and two dataminers. And Trojan Vundo was back too. I decided I wouldn't take anymore chances, and I janked out the network cable. No internet, no more virusses.
After that I repeated everything I did before and killed the virusses, including the bug's big momma, Vundo.
Yeah, take that. :D
Tired, I went to bed. No more naked ladies. :)
Or so I thought. The next day, when I started my computer again, the naked ladies were back. And this time they were VIPs!

'Do you want to see Paris Hilton NAKED??'
Uhm... no...
'Britney Spears?
'Check out Angelina Joli's uncensored shower! You know you want to!!!'
'What about Pamela Anderson's see-through blouse?'
o_o' ...

I felt strangely violated after that. The naked ladies were driving me nuts, so I downloaded several additional spyware- and virusscanners. Obviously, Norton had missed something major. It was as if the bugs realized I was trying to download software that could kill them, because Explorer froze several times, after it had downloaded exactly 99% of the installers. I had to start over each time it happened.
Finally I managed to get Spyware Doctor and Ad-Aware (spyware scanners), Spyware Blaster (a spyware shield) and Avast! (a virus scanner) and I had each of them scan my computer. Ad-Aware detected 18 bugs, Avast! detected 4 and Spyware Doctor found 64!! But Spyware Doctor sucks... It only detects bugs, spyware and Troyans, but it doesn't remove them. For that, you first have to buy the program.
I spent the rest of the day manually fighting off virusses. I finally managed to reduce them to 24, but the last bugs were really stubborn. I couldn't delete them, even after I rebooted in safe mode. Finally I decided it would take something radical to get these last bugs. Throwing the pc out of the window was very tempting at that time, but I decided to just format it instead. Or at least, I was going to let my bro teach me how to do it. Of course, I would have preferred to be able to fix my pc instead. But I guess it wasn't meant to be. At least I got rid of the naked ladies. I'm particularly proud of that, actually. I managed to track the piece of spyware that was responsible for them, and I got rid of it.
They were replaced by other pop-up ads though, which ironically advertised for anti-virus-, and spyware-software. Like I'd buy anything from those sobs!

I made a back up of all my files and formated the computer. After I reinstalled Windows XP, I happily started to install other software as well, such as Office, Photoshop, Winamp, etc. To my amazement, the computer got all laggy again. As it turned out, my bro had forgotten to tell me that I should have installed the drivers first. It may seem obvious to all you tech-heads out there, but keep in mind that I'm technically challenged...
No, really...

So today I've formatted the computer again and this time I installed the drivers first. Also, I've kept the computer disconnected from the network and the internet. It will stay that way untill I get a better virus scanner.
So, I currently have no internet. :)
How did I update this site? I loaded the files for today's update on a flash-stick, went upstairs and manually uploaded them to the site. Yeah, that's how much I love you guys. Lol.

I think people who make computer-virusses should get a life. Seriously... If I get infected again, I'll just format again, so there's nothing to gain for you anyway.
Anyway, due to the whole me-being-without-internet-thing, I might be a little slow in responding to e-mails and messages on the chatbox. I hope you understand.

Title: I need some sleep...
Author: Neko
Date: October 13th 2007

Things have been going a little sideways for me lately... I have this insane teacher how wants me to read a big fat book every week AND write a report on it AND present it in class. This is the same teacher for who I wrote a bookreport on the day my grandfather was buried. All this wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have anything else to do as well. I have another course, for which I have to write a paper and I'm also a student-assistant (for reasons I still don't quite understand; I just felt sorry for this really overworked teacher one day and the next thing I knew, I was a student-assistant). And that teacher asked me to make her a reader for her next course... It's due next monday...
Sure, I have plenty of time for all of that! /sarcasm

Anyway, I'll probably be spending every hour I'm not sleeping, eating or going to the toilet, doing all this stuff. I won't have time to draw. And now you know why I have a buffer and why I prefer not to use it too much unless there is an emergency.
I hope I don't sound like a b**ch now, but that's how it is. I think it's the lack of sleep talking, because I don't usually post my personal problems here. Anyway, despite all the work and thanks to the buffer, the comic will be safe for at least four more weeks. By then I'll definitely have more time again... I think...

Title: New months always make me happy
Author: Neko
Date: October 6th 2007

It's October people! I always like new months, although I don't know why... This week I did tons of work on the site, as some of you already noticed. First of all, the SoL tutorial is up. Check it out. If you'd like some pointers, or if you're just curious about how the comic is made, this tutorial is for you! It has over 130 screenshots, so yeah... Now you know why it took me a while to finish this thing, right?
I also created a new page: the FAQ page. Got any questions? Go ahead and ask! It might just get included on the FAQ page. And finally I received a new piece of fanart. And it's from my brother Matthew! Like most of you, Yuk is one of his favorite characters, so he decided to draw him. I really need to give that purple blob some more screentime...

Oh, one last thing. On October 28th, 2006 Stuff of Legend was first launched. So today, only a few weeks from now, will be the comic's first birthday! Feel free to uhm... you know... do something festive... Like making me some fanart. *grin*
Ah, I'm rather pathetic, aren't I? ^__^

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