Title: More pictures in the galleries
Author: Neko
Date: May 31st 2008

There's a new comic up and there are some new entries in the galleries:

And for now that really marks the end of the requests and art trades I'm willing to take, m'kay? There are some contests I want to enter this summer ('bout three, I think), and I really need to be able to focus on those. And on SoL of course. So if you wanted to request anything, please just sit on it for a while and ask me again later. Speaking of contests, don't forget to enter mine! You've still got until August 30th. And please don't forget to take the poll if you haven't done so already.

Title: Nothing much to say
Author: Neko
Date: May 24th 2008

Again, there's not a lot to say this week. I've got a new SoL page and three new sketches in the galleries:

The forum is sort of on its deathbed, but that's ok. I suspect it'll probably get more popular again... Eventually. ;)

Title: Another comic, obviously
Author: Neko
Date: May 17th 2008

Compared to last week, I don't really have a lot to update with. There's a new comic, obviously, and there are also two new pictures in the galleries:

And that's about it. Feel free to visit the forums as well, since you don't have to be a registered member to post there. Don't forget to take the poll below if you haven't done so already and have a nice weekend!

Title: Contest time!
Author: Neko
Date: May 10th 2008

Boy, I've got a lot to update today! Let's see, I've updated my links page by adding a few links and removing a dead one. We have a new affiliate, Team Overcharm. And there are two new entries in the galleries, one of which is a way overdue Pokémon tutorial (sorry, STILL not taking on any new requests at the moment):

And finally, after entering so many contests myself, I've decided to organize a contest of my own! And I hope there will be lots of participants, so feel free to tell your friends, family members and whoever else might be interested in joining, about this contest.

Random Blue Uncia Contest

Why is it random? Because you can enter with just about anything. Pictures, songs, fiction, sprites. Just as long as you have made it yourself. And your entry must have something to do with my website in some way. There are three different categories to enter, each with their own rules and prizes:

Stuff of Legend contest - My Pokémon themed webcomic.
Accepted entries:
- Drawings or sketches of SoL characters
- Gags or comics
- Fan fics
- Sprites
- Musical compositions
- Animations

Uncia contest - My personal mascot (copyright belongs to me).
Accepted entries:
- Drawings or sketches of Uncia
- Gags or comics
- Sprites
- Animations
- Your own Uncia design

Fakemon contest
Accepted entries:
- Drawings or sketches of the fakemon on my website (copyrights belong to their respective owners)
- Your own designs (drawn, sprited or otherwise)
- Animations

Or any combination of these.

The rules:
- Ways to enter: by sending me a note on DA, by e-mailing me or by sending me a PM on my forum. If you try to enter in any other way, there's a chance I might miss it. If you don't receive a reply from me, confirming your entry, try contacting me again. Make sure you write 'contest' in the subject line. Also make sure you clarify which category you're entering for.
- You may enter as many times as you like, but for each category you can only win one prize. So if you enter three pictures of Uncia, you won't win 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in the Uncia category.
- You may not enter old fan art or trades... Come one people, you'll get plenty of time to make something new so let's see some effort... -__-
- No indecent pictures or entrants and if you are entering a written piece, please make sure the characters don't act out of character.
- You may enter sprites, but make sure they are recognizable. I don't want pixel-mess entrants. I've also seen a lot of bad sprites out there, so if you're entering a sprite or a sprited gag, you really need to impress me. :)
- Feel free to mash in some of your own characters, if you feel so inclined.
- If you are entering an original character, offering some juicy background information will earn you extra points.
- After the contest ends, all entrants will be shown on my website, www.blue-uncia.nl .

This contest will end August 30th 2008, which also happens to be Matt's birthday. You'll have plenty of time to finish your entries. The entries will be judged by me, based on the following qualities:
- Effort
- Originality
- Humor (for the gags)
- Looks (although I certainly realize not everybody can draw that well, so I'll keep that in mind)

Prizes: (All the same for each category)

1st prize. A choice: (A) A fully finished picture, complete with elaborate background, multi-layer shading and all the bells and whistles, of any character of your choice (originals or otherwise). Up to three characters max. Or (B) a small cameo role in SoL of your own character (nothing plot-critical, but you'll get some lines. The role will be comparable to those of doc. Carson and nurse Lilly in chapter 3).

2nd prize. A choice: (A) A fully colored picture with a simple background of any character of your choice (originals or otherwise). Up to two characters max. Or (B) a tiny cameo appearance in SoL (as a background figure or as a picture on a poster, a tv-screen, or something like that).

3rd prize. A fully colored picture of a single character of your choice (original or otherwise) without a background.

There are three prizes for each category, which means there are a grand total of 9 prizes to aim for! The number of prizes might go up or down, depending on the number of entrants. So I want to see lots of entries!

Title: Early update again
Author: Neko
Date: May 2nd 2008

I'm updating today, because I don't know if I'll have time to do it tomorrow. But I don't think anyone here will mind. There are two new pictures in the gallery.

I've also closed the popularity poll. It's a day early, but I doubt it could get any better than it already is now. Anyway, go take a look at the results. I'll also have a sketch of the results next week. Promise. After some deliberation I decided to put up a new popularity poll, this time for all human characters.

Who is you favourite human SoL character so far?

Matt the Red

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