Title: I feel pretty good! :)
Author: Neko
Date: September 27th 2008

Wow, this vacation-stuff is pretty good! I should have gotten me some aaaages ago! Heh. I spent most of last week drawing stuff for people I owed art. I still some people art, but I'm sure it can wait until a little bit later. I really should try to catch some rays before winter. My skin is pretty pale, it's just not funny. I can always crawl behind my computer again and draw stuff later. Anyway, here are the new gallery entries:

As you can see, most of the pictures are prizes, won by people who entered my contest. And yes, I am doing the easy ones (the sketches) first. Don't worry though, I'm going to try to have everybody's art done by the end of October or the beginning of November (unless you've chosen a SoL cameo as your prize, in which case it might take a little longer).

I'd also like to ask all the prize winners who haven't contacted me yet, to please do so and tell me what you'd like to have as your prize. I think my previous news post might have confused some people about who'se won what. So I'm going to try to be as clear about this as I can:

Everybody who entered my contest, has won a prize! Everyone!

I hope that's enough to grab people's attention. Please consult the previous news post to find out which prize you've won and then please contact me. Thank you. ^__^

Title: Contest winners
Author: Neko
Date: September 20th 2008

This is it, the moment (most of) you have been waiting for! It's time to announce the contest winners. First of all, let me just say how hard it was to judge all of these entries. I know there were quite a few differences between the entries from a purely artistic point of view, but I seriously loved each and every one of the entries. So I want to thank everybody for participating. I'm very grateful to you all!
So here are the winners:

1st place

You guys may choose one of the following prizes:

A) A fully finished picture, complete with elaborate background, multi-layer shading and all the bells and whistles, of any character of your choice (originals or otherwise). Up to three characters max. If you would like me to draw an original character of your own, I will require a colored reference picture.
B) A small cameo role in SoL for your own character. Your character may either be a human or a Pokémon. Your role will not be plot-critical, but you will get some lines. The 1st place cameo roles will be a little bit more substantial than I had originally intended. Contact me and we'll discuss how to fit your character into SoL's plot. I will need a colored reference picture to include your character.

2nd place

You may choose one of the following prizes:

A) A fully colored picture with a simple background of any character of your choice (originals or otherwise). Up to two characters max.
B) A small cameo role in SoL for your own character. Your character may either be a human or a Pokémon. Your role will be smaller than those of the 1st prize winners. You will probably appear on one or two pages and you may get a few lines. Contact me and we'll discuss how to fit you into SoL's plot. And I'll require a colored reference picture of your character.

3rd place

You win a fully colored picture of a single character of your choice (original or otherwise) without a background. If you want me to draw an original character of your own, please give me a colored reference picture to work with.

Deluxe sketches
I'm in a very good mood, because I finally get to have some vacation! That's why I'm also handing out some deluxe sketches. A deluxe sketch will look something like this. I will draw each of you one (maybe two) characters of your choice, without a background.

The rest of you don't have to worry. You'll get something too. Each of the remaining entrants will receive one normal, monochrome sketch of one character, comparible to this one. That's one sketch for each person, not for each entry you've submitted. Sorry, I don't want to spend ALL my free time drawing.
So to help clear up any further confusion, the following people get one normal sketch: igsey, captn, Saber Knight, Oranges-and-Pears and Mimey.
All of you, please contact me by sending me a message on DA or on my forum, or by sending me an e-mail.

Moving on to other news: I've helped my teacher set up an online newsletter for her research project. That's finished now, so I finally get to have some vacation! Until October 10th! I'm so happy!
Anyway, as always, I've made some new pictures for in the galleries. Here they are:

And that's about it. Enjoy!

Title: Contest has ended and other news
Author: Neko
Date: September 13th 2008

The contest is over! Sorry for being a little late to update today. I had to search various sites for last-minute entries for the contest and then I had to add them to the rest. Having said that, I really want to thank and congratulate everybody who participated in this contest. The sheer number of entrants is amazing! I never thought my little contest would be so succesful. You guys are all awesome! I am really flattered that so many of you took the time to produce almost 30 lovely entries. It's going to be very, VERY hard to judge these entries, but you all have my heartfelt gratitude already.
I hope you understand I need some time to look the entries over and decide upon the winners. I'll have the results next week. Here's a list of all the entries I received, from newest to oldest:

If you don't see your entry, of if there is anything else you would like to tell me, please do not hesitate to contact me about it. I also have some new gallery entries of my own. Consider it a lame way to make up for today's boring SoL page:

And finally I also have some sad news. A lot of you have been asking about what is going on with one of my affiliates: Ace of Abra. As you all know, AoA's site went down in May 2008. Everybody thought it would come back up soon, but unfortunately this didn't happen. Now it seems that Ace of Abra will not be coming back at all. At first Ace tried uploading the old pages to Smackjeeves. He never did upload them all, and who could blame him? There are a LOT of pages. On August 21st Ace announced on the Serebii forums that he wasn't going to continue drawing Ace of Abra anymore. He said it simply wasn't as fun anymore as it used to be. While the reasons are understandable, the loss of AoA is sad. Ace may not realize this, but his comic has actually inspired lots of other artists, including myself, to also publish hand drawn Pokémon comics.

Yes Ace, your are directly responsible for SoL's existence! ^_^

Ace said he isn't going to quit making comics altogether, so we'll keep an eye out for his future projects. I've taken AoA's link banners down from my site, but maybe one day I'll be able to replace them with links to Ace's new comics. Also keep an eye on his DA account, where Ace said he'd upload his old AoA pages and the sketches of the pages, which never got published.

Title: Breakdown
Author: Neko
Date: September 6th 2008

Well, I'm really glad that my master thesis is done. Right now I'm starting to get introduced to life as a PH.D researcher (I get my own room!). It's still very hectic, and I'm quite tired, but I think I'll adjust... Eventually. Anyway, as always, there is a new SoL and some new pictures in the galleries:

Yes, I know one of them is a Pokémon tutorial, and yes, I know I said I wasn't going to do them for a while anymore. This was really the last one, m'kay? Enjoy! And remember, you only have one more week to hand in your contest entries. ;)

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