Title: Speedy update is speedy
Date: June 27th 2009
Today's comic pages: 163-164

Hey guys! I'm kind of rushing today's update, because I'm off to my grandmother's birthday party in a while. So I'm just gonna say: enjoy this week's pages, here's some nice art, and I'll be back to reply to your comments later! ^__^

And if you need anything else to talk about besides today comic, maybe this will be a nice subject: Do you think there should be/will be a legendary Pokémon in SoL one day? If so, which Pokémon would you like it to be, and would it play a minor or a major role? Note that this discussion will not alter SoL's vaguely determined plot one bit, but yeah... Enjoy! I look forward to seeing your opinions.

- Neko

Title: Oh happy day
Date: June 20th 2009
Today's comic pages: 161-162

So last week I was a bit in a bind, because after almost three years of loyal (not to mention almost daily) service, the nib on the pen of my wacom had worn down to a stub. It was reaching that critical point when, if you continue using it, you run the risk of it becoming so short that you won't be able to pull it out of the pen any more. It was about time for a replacement nib. So I spent hours trying to find a shop with the right product, ended up ordering from Wacom's own website, spent some more time cussing because I didn't have a credit card, borrowed my mom's card (I'll pay you back mom), cussed some more at the ridiculous price. 10 euros for 5 nibs! They're tiny pieces of plastic, maybe an inch long each! And they added a further 6 euros as delivery fee to that.

Bleh, but I needed my nibs and I needed them badly. Until now I didn't realize how dependent I've become on this tablet of mine. I'm still using the one I got for my birthday in 2006. It's a really nice piece of kit. So I have my new nibs now, one of which is sitting nice and pretty in my pen, and I'm all good again. Funny how such things can make you really, really happy. Heh.

- Neko

Title: I think I'm entitled to some gloating...
Date: June 13th 2009
Today's comic pages: 159-160

Remember that Avian contest I entered a few weeks ago? Remember 'the monster'? Turns out I won first place with that entry! Out of 188 entries, I won! I don't think I've ever won such a large contest before. It's crazy! And I get 15 prizes too. CRAZY!! My in-box on dA kinda exploded after the results were in. It's been an odd week. ^__^

Ahem, anyway. Today I have two more SoL pages for you guys. I also have some new picture in the gallery and an unusual addition to the fan art gallery.
Additionally I have updated the FAQ page and I've written a nifty OC guide, which will hopefully help awnser any questions you may have about my OCs and the worlds they live in. Have a nice weekend!

- Neko

Title: Tackling that to-do list
Date: June 6th 2009
Today's comic pages: 157-158

And just like that it's summer once more. I've been working hard lately to tackle that to-do list of mine. I hope to have a good deal of it cleared out by the end of this summer. Now I just need to keep myself from adding too much junk to it, or else I'll never get it done.

Ahem, today I've got two more pages for you guys, and some art in the galleries. Enjoy!

- Neko

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