Title: Merry Christmas!
Date: December 26th 2009
Today's comic page: 200

Whatever you celebrate, I hope you all had a great time! As for me, I hung out with my family over a nice Christmas dinner. This week I don't have a lot for you art-wise. One SoL page (though it has a nice number attached to it), one gift sketch and one received gift art. For those of you who are interested in Sandy's PSC adventures, you can read the first eleven pages I did this week on DeviantArt.

And last but not least, Vye Brante from Just Gotta decided to do an audio-commentary of SoL's first chapter on YouTube. Go check it out!

Go here if it doesn't work on this site.

- Neko

Title: I'm running out of things to put here (oh wait, haven't I said that before?)
Date: December 19th 2009
Today's comic page: 199

Jay!! Vacation! AND we got snow too! Not so good for those who needed to use the roads or public transportation, but it certainly it more cheerful to look at. And the dogs love playing in it. Again, that's a mixed blessing. It's great to watch them run and play in the garden. Not so great to try and walk them, while they're pulling on their leashes like a bunch of maniacs.

That snow is slippery! I've lost count of the number of times I skidded over it, arms flailing like an idiot. Anyway, happy holidays to all of you!

- Neko

Title: Vacation is crawling into sight now...
Date: December 12th 2009
Today's comic page: 198

I want my two weeks worth of vacation. I want is SOOooooo badly! Anyway, we're still waiting for the PSC results, so until then here's another SoL page for you guys, along with some new art. Don't bother giving critiques on the picture with the red-haired girl. I've already had plenty of those on DeviantArt. I already knew what was wrong with it, but oh well...

I guess I'm just too experimental for my own good! Heheheheh. Have a nice weekend!

- Neko

Title: This is where I collapse on my bed from exhaustion
Date: December 5th 2009
Today's comic page: 197

I've had a rather hectic week, and I'm not just talking about the PSC deadline, which was yesterday (I actually made that with some time to spare). Nope, it was just... stuff. Work, phd, classes, etc. Busy, busy, busy! Ah well, I'll be okay. At least I have something to look forward to tonight. My fellow Dutchies should know what I'm talking about!

Oh yessss... *likes being all cryptic* But I still need to gift wrap everything and write a poem!

- Neko

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