Title: Pooped...
Date: May 29th 2010
Today's comic page: 222

Helping with the organization of no less than three symposiums and workshops this week has left me a little pooped. Heh. How's life for you guys? Cramming for those exams yet? :)

On other news, the titular legendaries for Pokemon Black and White have been revealed. What do you guys think of them? I personally was pleasantly surprised when I saw them. After the D/P fiasco I lost faith in Nintendo's ability to make nice looking legendaries, but these guys look very cool. I like their simple color schemes a lot. For the first time I find myself without a clear favorite titular legendary.

The only thing is that they'll probably be dragon-types again, and I foresee corny themes in their future... (I really hope that they'll be the Day and the Night Pokemon, but somehow I doubt it.)

- Neko

Title: Again...
Date: May 22nd 2010
Today's comic page: 221

Another week of not having a lot to update on. Have another SoL page, and don't forget about the contest! Enjoy your Pentecost weekend. ;)

- Neko

Title: Nice short update this time
Date: May 15th 2010
Today's comic page: 220

I don't have any announcements this week, other than maybe this: WHY IS IT SO COLD THIS WEEK?! It's May! It shouldn't be only 10-14 degrees Celsius! Ah well. Enjoy the new SoL page and have a nice weekend guys!

- Neko

Title: It's time...
Date: May 8th 2010
Today's comic page: 219

First things first: I finished my round 1 entry for the PCBC OS! Now I just have to sit back and cheer on my opponent! While preparing for the other two OCTs I'm in, of course... :)

The Mogranos contest I organized on DeviantART is over, and the winners have been announced. Here are the eight fantastic entries:

So now it's time for the new contest I promised:

The big summer 2010 contest

This will be a straight up Draw-my-OC contest. The following characters may be used:

- Any of the characters listed in the OC-guide
- Any of my SoL characters (note that Karen is a guest character; if you want to draw her, you need to ask her owner, Lenval for permission)
- Any of my OCT characters, which have not been listed above (Kyris, Cinder, Moche and Clip)

Keep an eye on the OC-guide and the SoL cast page. I will (try to) add more characters between now and the contest's deadline.

Like the 2008 contest, this contest also has sub-categories, namely "Normal" and "Catwalk". The "Normal" category is pretty straightforward: you just draw whichever OC you prefer, doing whatever you like. The "Catwalk" category lets you get a bit more creative: you take an OC and redesign their outfit. This can be a serious attempt to design fitting clothing, or it can be humorous. Want to draw Kaden in a pink polkadot dress? By all means, go for it!

Accepted entries and mediums:
- Drawings and clean sketches (traditional and digital)
- Gags or comics
- Fan fics ("Normal" category only)
- Sprites
- Musical compositions ("Normal" category only)
- Animations
- In short; just about anything goes!

- Multiple entries are allowed, but you can only win one position (1st, 2nd or 3rd) per category.
- Make sure you keep things PG-rated, guys.
- Don't enter pre-existing art trades, contest prizes or gift art. The deadline will give you lots of time to make something new, and the prizes are well worth the extra effort.
- No tracing.
- If you enter in the "Catwalk" category, please make sure that the OC you choose is still somewhat recognizable.
- You are allowed to also depict your own OCs in your entries, as long as they don't absolutely dominate the entry.
- After the contest ends, all entries will be showcased on my website, www.blue-uncia.nl. Entries on dA will also be shown here.

Judge and judging criteria:
I will be the judge for this contest, and your entries will be judged based on effort, originality, appeal, humor (in the case of gags) and skill (I realize that not everyone has the same skill-level, so I will try to keep this in mind when I judge).

Who can enter/how do I enter?
Simple; anyone can enter. This will not be a DeviantART exclusive contest, so people can also send me their entries by e-mail. Note that some of the prizes on offer are dA-specific. See below for further details.
As for how to enter; send me an e-mail or a note on dA. The forum is pretty much dead, so don't try it there.

September 17th, 2010. That means you have all summer. Have fun!

The winners of both categories will win the following:

1st place
- A fully colored and shaded picture with background, of up to three characters of your choice
- A flat-colored sketch of a character of your choice
- A monochrome sketch of a character of your choice
- A 1 year subscription for DeviantART (dA only)
- A 4 week feature of your art and/or personal website in my journal on dA (dA only)

2nd place
- A fully colored and shaded picture with background, of a character of your choice
- A flat-colored sketch of a character of your choice
- A monochrome sketch of a character of your choice
- A 6 month subscription for DeviantART (dA only)
- A 4 week feature of your art and/or personal website in my journal on dA (dA only)

3rd place
- A fully colored and shaded picture without background, of a character of your choice
- A flat-colored sketch of a character of your choice
- A 3 month subscription for DeviantART (dA only)
- A 4 week feature of your art and/or personal website in my journal on dA (dA only)

More prizes may be added depending on the number of entries. Some of these prizes can only be given to people who have an account on DeviantART. If you win one of these prizes, there are a number of available options. The most obvious one would be to GET yourself a dA account. It's easy, it's free and it's fun. If you really don't want to get an account, we'll sit down and find another solution for you (e.g. giving the prize away to someone else, trading it with someone, etc). But we'll cross that bridge when we get there. ;)


What, no cameo prizes?
Sorry, no. I've learned a lot from the 2008 contest, and one of these things was that the cameos were too much trouble to make for good prizes. It has taken me nearly 2 years to get the final one in SoL (sorry about that, Bam). And I feel that they're just too small to make for good contest prizes.

I couldn't enter your Mogranos contest earlier. Can I still design some evil armor for the "Catwalk" category?
Certainly! Consider it chance no. 2. But with more awesome prizes! ^^

Can I donate prizes to your list?
Depends on what you have in mind. Send me a note or an e-mail and we'll discuss it. :)

Your characters live in different universes, but can I put some together in the same entry (e.g. Matt riding Uncia)?
Sure you can! Let your creativity run wild!

That's it! Have fun! And if you have any question, please feel free to ask them.

- Neko

Title: Here we go
Date: May 1st 2010
Today's comic page: 218

I have a few days off from work, which I'll probably spend on getting my PCBC OS entry done as quickly as possible. The weather it pretty terrible at the moment, so there's nothing better to do anyway. Anyway, due to the OCT-madness I have descended in, you guys are going to have to make do with a less-flashy SoL for a few... months, probably... If I don't decide to make the shift permanent for the sake of speed.

For those of you who aren't up to speed: I am currently participating in several comic tournaments, which take a lot of my free time. So much so, that I can't maintain SoL in its full-color glory. I've eaten through most of my buffer since September, so I need to just be faster at producing SoL pages. Hence, no color. This change might or might not be permanent, because I don't like how slow SoL is going right now (sounds familiar, right?).

I already announced this last week of course, but I'm going to do a test phase first, to see how everyone likes it. Note that you're not going to see faster updates for a while yet, because of all those OCTs I'm busy with at the moment. But those of you who follow me on dA, should have a general idea of what kind of update speed I'm talking about (that is full-throttle, by the way; for my sanity's sake I'd probably go a bit slower than that for SoL, once those OCTs are over).

- Neko

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