Title: Art, comic and a story
Date: July 31st 2010
Today's comic page: 231

Hello again, guys!

Here's today's SoL page. I also have my PCBC OS round 3 entry done. It's a written piece this time, but it's illustrated as well. It's also my last PCBC OS entry, because I've decided to drop out of that OCT. You can find the reasons here. It's a pity, but it couldn't be helped.

And last but not least: there is a new addition to the fan art gallery too. That's it for today. Don't forget about the contest and have a great weekend!

- Neko

Title: And here we go again
Date: July 24th 2010
Today's comic page: 230

Seems that the weather always lets me down when I finally get around to having some vacation time. Right now it's cold and raining most of the time. A few weeks ago, while I was busy working on my papers, we had an actual heatwave. Typical, right?

- Neko

Title: *Throws arms up in the air*
Date: July 17th 2010
Today's comic page: 229

Vacation, baby! Whooo!
Anyway, today I have a new SoL page for you guys, and a new addition to the fan art gallery.

Also, don't forget about the Summer contest. It's still running. Have a nice weekend!

- Neko

Title: Are you psyched yet?
Date: July 10th 2010
Today's comic page: 228

'Tis going to be another one of those mad weeks. Tomorrow are the World Cup finals. I know you guys must be tired of me yapping on and on about football, but... I'm DUTCH, okay? It's hard to not at least get a little bit excited in this crazy little country of ours. You know how we like to party. ;)

The day after that I fly to the UK for a conference. I'll be away from July 12th to 15th. And after I get back, I...

Wait for it...

... Have a four week long vacation! That's the best part yet, seriously! Anyway, those of you who are following me on DeviantART already know that I had to drop one of the OCTs I was in. Things just got a bit too crazy. The OCT I'm dropping is the PokeVenture (the Scizor-story), though I'm not really cancelling it. I'm just going to continue working on it at my own pace. My round 2 entry is here. It is incomplete, with the last 16 pages being sketches. Once I finish those up, I'll post the entire comic here as well. For more information, check out my journal. And that's it. Have a nice weekend!

- Neko

Title: As the Brits would say: "Blimey..."
Date: July 3rd 2010
Today's comic page: 227

Yesterday my new computer got its first real test since I bought it last autumn. It was scorching hot, certainly hot enough for my old computer to overheat and shutdown. My new computer sailed through it, and oddly enough the first part to give out was the fleshy bit behind the keyboard. My room is on the southern side of our house, and at some point I just had to get out of there. No amount of water could prevent that.

Here's to hoping things settle down a bit temperature-wise.

Ah well... At least Holland beat Brazil in the World Cup yesterday. Against all the odds.

- Neko

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