Title: Bringing back the art
Date: March 26th 2011
Today's comic page: 265

Hi guys! Today I have a SoL page and some art to share. I am quite pleased with myself. I hope you are all having a good weekend. ;)

- Neko

Title: A little late
Date: March 19th 2011
Today's comic page: 264

Hello everyone. I'm a little late to update the comic today. I apologize for that. I'm also currently working on one of the bigger art prizes, so I haven't had time to upload anything new to the galleries. However, if you like the fifth generation of Pokémon, and if you have a DeviantART account, you might like to check out my journal there. I'm taking suggestions for sketches of the new Pokémon, so feel free to drop one for me if you're interested.


- Neko

Title: .....
Date: March 12th 2011
Today's comic page: 263

I don't usually discuss real-world events (or politics or religion) on this website, but today calls for an exception. Yesterday news came in about the big 8.9 earthquake that hit northern Japan. The resulting tsunami and the aftershocks turned the country on its head. And of course you probably already head about the explosion in the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

I just heard over the news that the reactor's inner core probably isn't damaged. That's good news, but it's still quite frightening to the people living near the power plant, I imagine. I wish all of you in Japan, who have been affected by this quake, all the best. May you and your loved ones stay safe.

- Neko

Title: Time still flies
Date: March 5th 2011
Today's comic page: 262

It's March already! Time just keeps on flying, doesn't it? Yesterday marked the release of Black and White. I don't think I'm going to get my version right away, but maybe within the next month. I also haven't decided on which version I want. It's the first time I've found myself liking both the legendaries depicted on the covers, so I can't really decide. I might get Black (first) though, because my brother really digs Zekrom and wants White.

Also, Europeans: don't forget, you will be able to get yourself a ticket through the Mystery Gift on Wi-Fi to get Victini. Get yours before April 22nd!

And now for today's update: I have a SoL page for you guys, as well as some art and some guest art. I hope you'll enjoy it, and have a nice weekend!

- Neko

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