Title: Good-bye, 2011! Hello, 2012!
Date: December 31st 2011
Today's comic page: 305

It's funny how today's update happens to also be the last day of this year. It was bound to happen some day, I suppose. So maybe it's a good reason to fire off some resolutions for this new year. 2011 was a crazy year for me, and 2012 will probably not be much better, being the last year of my phd project (hopefully!). But I still figure there are a few things I could do better in 2012. Still, seeing how I am easily distracted lately, I will aim low-ish. ;)

So here we go.

1. I aim to take better care of my social contacts, particularly via e-mail. Feel free to remind me frequently to do this! I will probably need it.

2. I will finish the last remainder of the art I still owe people.

3. I will finish Pokémon Soul Silver and Pokémon Black. (I'm just as shocked as you guys, frankly.)

4. I hope to work on a large chunk of, if not finish the PokeVenture spectator entries I'm still sitting on.

5. And if everything goes according to plan, I hope to start working on renovating this website, because it's just way too old. I know it's not the first time I said I'd do this, but it's just getting embarrassing lately.

So there we go. What are your resolutions for this year? I hope you all have a great and safe night, and I wish you a happy new year!

- Neko

Title: Merry Christmas! More or less ...
Date: December 24th 2011
Today's comic page: 304

Hello everyone. It's that time of the year again. Time to be merry, to spend some time with friends and family and to wish everyone happy holidays. However, there is something I've been meaning to share with you all and unfortunately it is a tad on the serious side. It's about the new SOPA/PIPA bill that's currently passing through US Congress.

You may already have heard about it. If not, there is a video below this post, in which the whole thing is explained. The short version of it is that if this would become a law, it would give companies the power to shut down and/or block websites with user-generated content, using the argument of piracy-prevention. It would hold those websites responsible for what the users put on them, and for big websites like Youtube and DeviantART that would either shut them down or force them to greatly censor themselves. Moreover, it takes away the average user's ability to express their opinions. Game reviewers, for instance, would be greatly affected by this.

In fact, it could also affect small privately owned websites, like my own, considering I've been wanting to set up a book review section for some time now.

And yes, it also greatly affects non-Americans, because many of these affected websites are based in the US. Again, I hate to do this so close to Christmas, and I don't want to stir you guys up any more than is necessary. But if you happen to be an American, please consider watching this video and calmly contacting your representative to explain that you're against these two bills. And if you can get friends or family members to do the same, that would be great. If you're not an American, you can help by spreading the word.

I would consider that a fantastic Christmas present. ;)

On a more upbeat note: Here, have some talking animals!

- Neko

Title: And another comic is up
Date: December 17th 2011
Today's comic page: 303

Hello guys. I hope you're all having a great weekend. I may have some vacation time coming up soon, so hey! Let's hope it also means I get more active, eh? ;)

Here's today's comic, and a nice piece of guest art I received.

- Neko

Title: New comic is up
Date: December 10th 2011
Today's comic page: 302

The new comic is up. Matt's raising some important issues today. For sure.

But hey! Have a great weekend. ;)

- Neko

Title: It's that month again
Date: December 3rd 2011
Today's comic page: 301

It's December. That means Sinterklaas, Christmas, New Years and hopefully two or three weeks vacation soon(ish)! I'm feeling merry already. What do you guys have planned? :D

- Neko

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