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Greetings good visitor! The fact that you are here means you must be interested in Amcornos, the original fantasy/sci-fi comic I hope to write one day. Either that, or you were simply browsing through all the galleries until you arrived here.

Up until July 2009 this gallery was closed. The reason for this was that I didn't want to create any spoilers about the comic's plot. Back when I first started Stuff of Legend in 2006, I posted a lot of art in the SoL gallery, which of course was a bit of a spoiler. I wanted to prevent that for Amcornos, which is why that gallery remained closed for a long time. So why did I decide to open the gallery now, even though the comic will not be started for a long while yet? Well, first of all, people were starting to ask questions. 'What is Amcornos?' I couldn't really answer that for them, and that bugged me.
Secondly, I came to realize that ever since I started SoL, I haven't really done anything for Amcornos, other than the stuff I made up in my mind. I hadn't been working on the plot (it needs some major re-thinking, let me tell you), and I hadn't done any major concept art. The arguments had always been: A) I want to get better at art before starting this comic, and B) I am too busy with SoL or with whatever else I happen to be doing right now. I see now that unless I make myself get serious and start doing the preparations, this comic will never see the light of day.

And this is why this gallery is now officially opened. It's my way of forcing myself to start doing something for Amcornos. Note that I will not post a lot of spoiler-material here. And some of the older work may not necessarily be part of the comic's plot anymore. Regardless, I reserve the copyrights to all the art, concepts and characters showcased here, as they may potentially be part of my comic one day.


Copyright © 2006-2012 Blue Uncia - Charlotte. I do NOT own the rights to Pokémon or any other trademark. I DO own the copyrights to all my drawings, paintings and other creative products, including the storyline and the characters of my webcomic, Stuff of Legend. Please, do not copy any of this site's content without my explicit written permission and please do not hotlink.
Art found in the 'Guest art' section belongs to their individual creators, and was posted on this website with their permission. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.