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I have quite a lot of OCs and I realize that it may be a little confusing to make sense of them all. Who are all these characters, and to which universes do they belong? That's why I've created this guide. It contains all the OCs I've revealed so far, neatly organized per universe. I hope this will help answer any questions you may have. Be advised, it is a bit of a wall of text... Note that each link takes you to images and descriptions with yet more information about the character in question.

- Last updated on: September 3rd, 2009.

Amcornos cast
Amcornos is the name of the comic I hope to be writting after completing Stuff of Legend, my current webcomic. I haven't revealed much about this webcomic yet, and the Amcornos gallery is currently empty. I'm working to change this, so please be patient.

Unlike Stuff of Legend, which is situated in the Pokémon universe, Amcornos takes place in a completely original universe. It is a fantasy/sci-fi story, which takes place on an earth-like planet. More information to be revealed later.

Update: The Amcornos gallery is now open and some art has beem uploaded to it. I'll update this section of the OC-guide later on.

Uncia and Blue uncia
Uncia and Blue Uncia are my signature OCs (as if you didn't already know that ^^). They are among the oldest of my OCs. They have a background story, but I haven't gotten around to revealing it yet (that would be a spoiler for one of my future comics).

Suffice it to say that they are a species of super-beasts. They are huge lion-like creatures, with special powers. One such power is the ability to shoot energy beams from the mouth. (I watched too much DBZ as a kid.) Uncia is the regular form, while Blue Uncia is an unusual mutation of sorts.
Being very important OCs to me, they have their own gallery. Also note that I have ref sheets for both Uncia and Blue Uncia.

Stuff of Legend cast
Stuff of Legend is my currently active comic. It's also the first comic I've ever worked on, so you can be sure it's got plenty of beginner's mistakes in it. SoL takes place in the Pokémon universe and centres around three trainers, Matt, Sandy, and Sub, who attempt to reach Sinnoh despite being trailed by various malevolent forces. (Don't worry, it's nowhere near as scary as it sounds.)

There isn't much as to explain, because the comic is already in its fifth chapter. You may also be interested in checking out the SoL gallery, while you're at it.

Ethara cast
'Ethara' is the tentative name I have given to a group of characters I've been revealing lately. They are part of an as of yet plot-less story. I have a world and a pretty nice cast for it. Just no concrete plot. The reason why I'm revealing them now, is because I don't know if and when I will start working on a comic based on Ethara. I like the Ethara cast so much, however, that it seemed like a waste not to show them.

The 'story' is set in a modern-day fantasy world. They have today's technology (tv, radio, the space shuttle, etc.) as well as magic and mythological creatures. Basically it's today's world, with a healthy dose of fantasy. There are orcs, and elves, and dragons and all that jazz.

In this world, there is one country that is the world's superpower. This country is called Ethara. What makes this place somewhat unusual is that it is being ruled by an immortal dark lord. Not the evil-imma-gonna-take-over-the-world kind, however. His name is Mogranos, and he has pretty much become the country's unwitting national hero by supplying it with a solid economy, infrastructure, security... the works. Ever since this guy came to power, all sorts of traditionally evil creatures (gargoyles, vampires, zombies, etc) started to peacefully co-exist with the human population.

As a result Ethara is a wealthy, very diverse country, and its inhabitants adore their ruler. Most other countries view Ethara as being a nest of evil, but they dare not mess with it. So there's this uneasy truce.

This is the big picture, but it isn't what the story is about. The story centres around two groups of people, and their relationships with each other. One group consists of Etharians who pretty much go about their own business. I often call them the 'Ethara crew' or the 'heroes'. The other group are foreigners, looking to get into Ethara, each for their own reasons. I call them the 'Anti-Ethara crew'. The groups are pretty contrasting in make-up and motives, but so far I have only developed and drawn the Etharian group. The anti-Ethara group will be uploaded later this year.

Ethara crew
1) Keena. Keena is a human girl with monster strength and a monster temper. She is out to prove herself to her father, who refuses to acknowledge her skills as a fist-fighter. She uses a very rash fighting style called the 'Golden Flail'.

2) Hemos. Hemos is a vampire and he's sort of Keena's love interest. I say 'sort of', because they are currently at the 'I like you, but sometimes you scare the crap out of me' stage. (Keena being the scary one.) He's a very kind person. Even though he's a vampire, his vampiric form is only revealed when he's deprived of blood. Living in Ethara means he can just stroll into any blood bank and get what he needs without all the fuss of having to suck blood from people's necks in poorly lit back alleys. (In Ethara vampirism works a bit like in the game Oblivion.) Hemos has a horse, despite living in a modern world. They get along very well.

3) Ganelon, or Lon. Lon is a human kid who one day decided to become a paladin. He grew up in the same town as Keena and is good friends with her, and even secretly has a bit of a teenage-crush on her.

4) Yanko is a faun. He stands out from the group for being the only one who isn't a very good fighter. He makes up for this by being the guy with the gab. He's also the group's technician. Note that his pupils are horizontal slits, like a goat's.

5) Arith belongs to a species of lizard-people. She's a young girl, but due to her looks and her harsh voice she's often mistaken for a boy by most people. She's the serious mage-type character.

6) Totar is a wise minotaur, but at the same time he's also a bum and a drunk. He and Hemos are long-time friends.

7) Ikale and Featherfoot. Ikale is an elven cleric. She used to be an archer, until she killed her first target (a deer), and felt bad about it. Being sweet to a fault, she immediately decided to become a healer instead. She has a pet gryphon called Featherfoot, a leftover from her archer days.

Anti-Ethara crew
To be revealed later this year.

Non-main characters
There are several non-mains, most of whom I haven't drawn yet. One of the most notable non-main(ish) character is Dorian. He is actually the Dark Lord, Mogranos, in disguise. Dorian is the alter-ego he assumes, whenever he needs to get away from his duties as ruler. Looking like an old, play-boy bench drinker with a really wrong fashion sense, Dorian actually resembles Mogranos' true form, before he became immortal. As Dorian he spends most of his time getting drunk and causing bar brawls. He also frequently runs into both the Ethara crew and the Anti-Ethara crew.

Hot on his tail is the harpy Quill. Quill is a bounty hunter, hired by the Etharian government to secretly track down and recover the missing Dark Lord, before anyone realizes he's gone. She is tracking down Dorian, not because she knows who he is, but because she thinks he may know where to find Mogranos.

More non-main characters to be revealed later this year.

Stand-alone characters
Adâr is a manticore and a character from a story I'll probably never write. I still love this character to bits, though. He is playful, mischievous and also a little bit dangerous.

Kaden. Anthro sabre tooth tiger with major anger issues. Snarls a lot. No real background story for this one.

Gorilla-Dilla is a childhood OC of mine, and she's permanently retired. I keep her around for comical value. C'mon. What nine-year old girl comes up with a Gorilla/Crocodile hybrid as her first OC? Horsies? Nope. Freaks of nature? YEEESSSS!! ^^

Michael is a bit of an odd-ball in OC-land, in that he is actually not an original character at all, but a fan character. I made him for the Stargate SG-1 universe.

'Adopted' characters
Aggro. Aggro is a mean, pink goat monster I adopted from The-Nexus. She used to be the leader of her pack, until she was defeated by a younger rival. Now she's a grumpy old loner.

Jo-Jo. Jo-Jo is a young female Icarathian, a species designed by FireFeathers. Jo-Jo is insanely playful and cheerful, and she's not particularly bright. You may see her bounce around on some of my more 'random' art.

Jamin is the Avian I was allowed to create after I won the 'Epic Avian Contest'. The Avian species belongs to Kilara. Like most of my characters, Jamin is a fairly relaxed individual, who likes to have a little fun every now and then.

Technically Carrot, Hemos' horse, is also an adopted character, but since I've found a way to fit her into one of my stories, you can now find her information up in the Ethara section of this guide.

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