February 18th, 2009
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Yeah... No particular reason for this pose. This is just one of those pictures that kind of evolved in a particular way and you, as the artist, just go with it. XD

Anyway, I felt like drawing one of my OC's again. This guy is one of my slightly older characters. I made him up some two or three years ago. He's a character I made up for a 'story' of sorts. The problem with this 'story' is that it doesn't really have a plot, so you see how that could be a problem. I do have a nice setting (world) and supporting cast for this guy, which I'll probably reveal later. All I can say for now is that the setting is a generic fantasy world with all sorts of unusual creatures inhabiting it (dwarves, elves, etc.), only more modern. In other words, it would resemble our modern world, only with fantasy inhabitants and magic and stuff. I'm not sure if I'll ever actually work on this story, but even so, I still really like the characters for this thing.

Now about this guy. His name is Hemos, and he's a vampire. (I'm almost afraid to admit it, considering that a certain someone thoroughly ruined this type of character recently.) I'm not using the traditional vampire as we're used to, but something related to the Oblivion-version.
For those of you who are not familiar with these guys, in Oblivion vampires looked almost exactly like regular people, and day light did not bother them. But when they became blood deprived, their skin got paler, their hair and eye color changed, sun light started to burn them. They also got stronger, but obviously regular folks around them started to freak out.

That's the kind of vamp Hemos is. I made some additional (hopefully not too invasive) changes, but I don't think I should go into that right now.

Personality-wise Hemos is a total softy. He's got all the powers and abilities you'd expect from a vampire. He's also quite a skilled swordsman, but he seriously wouldn't hurt a fly. The 'story' he belongs to has a female protagonist (human, by the way), who he might get romantically involved with. But she's a bit of a she-male, with monster strength and a matching attitude. She's the kind of person who starts bar brawls. :D
Hemos on the other hand would check the fist of the guy who punched him in the face, to make sure the other person didn't scrape his skin on Hemos' fangs. Hemos isn't a vegetarian, by the way (it biologically impossible for his kind), but luckily for his peace-loving attitude, the modern world he inhabits allows him to simply buy blood somewhere and carry it around with him in a flask. It's what most members of his kind do, rather than actually stalking people and sucking their blood from their necks.

Hemos is a bounty hunter, which seems an odd career choice considering his personality. But like most of my OC's, he has a darker side to him too (oh, mysterious!!). Anyway, one final note: Hemos totally sucks with technology. Whenever he tries to use something like a car or a computer, it always ends up broken. It's not because he's violent, he just breaks stuff out of ignorance. It is for that reason that in a hyper-modern world, Hemos prefers to ride his horse, Carrot, rather than using motorized forms of transportation.

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