May 24th, 2008
Photoshop and drawingtablet

It's been a while since the last time I drew one of Sub's fakemon, so here's another one: Pyronobi. Pyronobi is the fully evolved fire starter Sub made up. It's a Fire/Fighting type, just like Blaziken and Infernape. Now I know Sub made Pyronobi up before there ever was an Infernape, though he may not have beaten Blaziken to it. I can't quite remember.
Anyway, Pyronobi appears to be a fighter geared towards kicking attacks, rather that punching ones. Sub had drawn him adopting a fancy crane-like stance. As he levels, Pyronobi will learn a wide variety of moves, including a bunch of kicking moves. One of them is called 'Split Kick' - Ouch! I wonder who that'll hurt more...

I like that Pyronobi has a pretty simple design, though I may have taken some liberties with Sub's original design when I drew this poke. What I mean is, it just seems to me as if Pokémon are getting more and more complicated design-wise with every new generation. Remember Charizard and Typhlosion? They had pretty basic designs. Simple, but nice. Now look at Infernape. It has some sort or armor with swirly thingies, various other combinations of decorations, etc. It's a pretty complicated design. Heck, even the fist generation legendaries weren't as complicated as that!
Now, Pyronobi. He has a simple but elegant design. Just like the good old days...

*Feels old*

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