January 31st, 2010
Photoshop and drawingtablet

This is about 0.2 seconds before Solly gets bitten in the hand.

I've been wanting to post pictures of the history of Sandy's team for a while now. Might as well start today. I probably should be doing these in chronological order (starting with how Sandy got Solaris), but I felt like doing this scene instead. Heh! I'll probably make a proper timeline for you guys later.

This is around the time when Aiko first joined the team. She was the baby of the group for a very long time, and the others liked her right away, Solly included. Solly has a weak spot for small Pokémon. He thinks they're cute, and they remind him of himself from back when he was an easily intimidated Torchic. So when he first met the young Eevee, his first impulse was to try and pet her.

Unfortunately for him, Aiko used to dislike bipedal Pokémon when she was young. Humans, quadrupeds, fish, birds; she got along fine with all of them, but she didn't like bipeds, especially big ones. So she disliked Solly for quite some time (Candy wasn't so bad, because in my interpretation Drowzee can drop down on all fours if they want to), until she finally figured out he wasn't such a bad guy. Solly never stopped referring to Aiko as the "Pup".

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