February 6th, 2010
Photoshop and drawingtablet

This is a follow-up picture for the one of Solly and Aiko as Combusken and Eevee. Aiko didn't like Solly at first, but she DID like Tarim. She liked him a lot, much to his dismay.

Tarim doesn't like change. He didn't like it when Candy joined, he won't like it when Fang joins, and he doesn't like the idea of Aiko joining either (he didn't mind Quartz too much, because Quartz essentially just eats and sleeps). But being a bouncy young pup, Aiko didn't pick up on Tarim's stay-away-from-me signals. She followed him around, and imitated him. It went so far that she even tried to meow, which of course sounded ridiculous. At first Tarim tried to avoid her, until he realized she was a bit of a chick-magnet. Then he used her in quite a few of his attempts to get a date.

At some point the two will develop a big brother - little sister relationship, and Aiko even manages to get him to play sometimes. Right now he is still way stronger than her, and that's why she looks up to him. Some day the tables will turn.

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