May 19th, 2008
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Since for some reason, my angry Mewtwo sketch is my most popular picture on DA, I decided to make yet another angry Mewtwo sketch. I really don't understand why the first one is so dang popular in the first place, since it's not all THAT great and since there are better pictures in my gallery.
But whatever, here's a new, better picture of an angry Mewtwo. And here's me hoping it will finally break the old picture's rediculous record. :D

I drew Mewtwo, as he's about to pull off some very nasty move involving two Shadow Balls and a lot of foul language (or at least, so I imagine). I know it looks like he is trying to pull off the Crane stance, but that's really just a coincidence, since Mewtwo is actually just floating in the air. I was never really any good at drawing lightning, so I hope the sparks around the Shadow Balls look alright.

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