May 29th, 2008
Photoshop and drawingtablet
Requested by kjb dragon

I know I said I wasn't going to take any more requests, but every now and then I just can't refuse a requestee who comes up with an interesting idea (no, that is NOT a license to start bombarding me with requests again, lol). So when I was asked to draw a Blaziken and a Feraligatr, I couldn't really refuse. I love Blaziken to bits and I was already looking for an excuse to draw Feraligatr, being the evolved form of Totodile and all that.
So here they are. Blaziken is sporting an Expert Belt and Feraligatr has a Razor Fang. I know it looks just like Solly's Quick Claw, but that's my fault. And the Blaziken was kind of modelled after Solly, but he's still different. I hope you can see that. He has darker colorings, a slightly different build, a more serious expression and a different 'hair cut', if you can even speak of hair.
I may have put a bit more effort into this sketch than usual, since I really wanted to do these two pokes justice. I also went a little nuts on Blaziken's 'wings', so now they look quite detailed and... functional even... It's weird that Blaziken can't actually fly in the games, eh?

I've also learned something interesting about Feraligatr. Its eyes change color when it evolves! Most Pokémon will retain their eye color during their various evolutionary stages. The Charmander-line has green eyes, the Squirtle-line has brown eyes, the Chikorita-line has red eyes, etc. But the Totodile-line is different. Totodile starts out with pink eyes. When it evolves into Croconaw, it has red eyes and as Feraligatr it will have yellow eyes. I'm sure there are also other Pokémon which change eye color as they evolve, but I just never noticed it before in the Totodile-line.

I feel bad about having the Feraligatr block some of the view on Blaziken, so here I've also uploaded the lineart of each of the figures separately. Go here to view the Blaziken and here to see the Feraligtr.

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