February 4th, 2009
Photoshop and drawingtablet
Third place contest prize for: Psychic

Yes! I finished the last of the contest prizes I owed! I'm so happy. ^__^
I went a little overboard on it too, drawing a few more characters than the one I was originally going to draw.

These three Pokémon are part of a PMD rescue team, and they are the protagonists of Psychic's fic (I'd certainly like to read it some day). For their BIO's I'll just quote Psychic here, 'cause she's much better with words than me (plus, I'm lazy).

The first is Asten, a female Scyther. She's much like any Scyther in that she is independant, a fighter, has quite a temper, values honour and hates socializing with others. She's kind of bitter, but she's determined, isn't afraid of anything and knows how to get what she wants.

Raap is a young, hyperactive Elecrike pup who's never satisfied if he's not out and about. He never thinks before he acts, so he'll often challenge bigger, stronger Pokémon to battles, as if he's determined to prove his worth. He is young and bouncy, his fur dirty, matted and singed in some places from where he's been hit by stronger attacks. For some reason, Raap picks fights with Asten whenever he can; he'll find any excuse to get on her nerves, and though she refrains from taking the bait and fighting back, it's still clear that he annoys the heck out of her, and she
will threaten him.

(Barely keeping the rescue team - incidentally named Team Clash - together is Zorel the Drowzee, a poor, sleep-deprived soul who only wants a little adventure in his life. He got more than he bargained for when he "took in" the Scyther and Electrike, and though he tries to keep them off one another, he's mostly just sort of given up, and just prays that Asten won't do anything drastic.)

Psychic only requested a picture of Asten and Raap having one of their arguments. I decided to also draw Zorel (who apparently is the actual leader of the team), because I liked his description and because... well, I had never drawn a Drowzee before. It just seemed like fun. If you look closely, you'll notice that Zorel is standing on Raap's tail, keeping him from just charging at Asten. That's the minimum-effort-strategy right there. When you're exhausted, you've got to preserve what little energy you do have, right?

Oh, and Psychic pretty much gave me free reign to design the team's bandanas. I don't really know why I went with meteor-designs for the logo. It seemed fitting, considering the name of this particular team. The three of them seem like a mobile disaster area.
I hope you like it Psychic! :)

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