September 4th, 2004
Pencil drawing

One of my characters for PSO (Phantasy Star Online), a game for the Gamecube (among others) which is situated on a spaceship and on an alien planet somewhere in the future, is a force called Kim. PSO is one of the first online games and the player can create a character in one of three classes: hunters, rangers and forces. A force is a type of wizard, except they know both offensive and defensive spells and they can heal. So basically they're both a caster and a healer at once. And since all the non-force characters could potentially heal themselves in some other way, a force can happily spend all his or her TP on chucking fireballs at monsters without being harrased into the healer role by other teammates. It's great!
And I love throwing fireballs! Kim is a Newmen (a genetically manipulated human, who looks like an elf) and she's a great caster. So this is a pencil drawing of her and the staff I really wanted for her: the Cadeucus. I didn't have that staff yet when I drew this picture, so I drew it wrong. The real thing is supposed to have a beaklike front. I do have the staff now, and it looks as good on Kim as I thought it would.
This is one of the very few drawing I colored using pencils.

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