August 25th, 2005
Pendrawing and Photoshop

Another player I met online is Paul. He's also an android and he's a hunter. He helped me to level Smelly Cat up (he really liked that character for *ahem* some reason...) and gave me all sorts of stuff. I guess nothing says 'I love you' like showering a girl in various high level swords, guns, blades and other killing tools.
I drew Paul with his mag Rati and his favourite weapon, the legendary Tsumikiri J-Sword. I drew it wrong, because I didn't have one myself (Paul gave me one later, but my level wasn't high enough to equip it) and Paul never stopped moving around. Everytime he walked into a room, he swung that thing around like a madman. Sure, it killed the monsters nice and fast, but I couldn't see it very well.
Now I know that the sword is supposed to look like a giant kantana (I Googled up a screenshot), but I like the way the sword looks here, as well. Overall, it's a pretty nice picture.

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