July 3rd, 2008
Photoshop and drawingtablet

I'm starting to think Icyookami has contests all the time. Heh. So this is my entry for her OC contest. She has a lot of characters and quite frankly I have no idea what she uses them for. Maybe they're for an unpublished story or comic? Whatever it is, I'd certainly like to see it some day.
Anyway, my entry for the contest is her half-centaur Rynoth, who's supposedly a rather distant, leader-type character. The original character's design has him trotting around in classic centaur fashion: butt naked. Now I love seeing handsome young men without shirts on as much as the next gal (heheh), but I'm also a sucker for fancy armor. XD So I decided to go crazy and design some fancy looking armor for this young centaur. Now, I know this armor is totally unrealistic and probably wouldn't function properly, but I think it looks rather nice. It even has a bit of a story behind it. I intended it as a standard military set of armor, specifically crafted for centaurs. Rynoth here would serve a mixed purpose; he is both an archer and a frontline fighter. The lefthand sword is a standard issue blade, which goes with the armor. However, the righthand sword is an antique weapon, intended solely for nobles. How Rynoth, who is a halfblood, got his hands on it is beyond me, but then again... Who cares? It looks cool. The armor is assymetric to allow archers more freedom of movement and the oval, red-rimmed shoulderpad on his right shoulder is an indication of rank. Rynoth here would be the equivalent of a captain or some other junior officer. He's only 19, so that's not a bad rank, eh?

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