August 21st, 2008
Pencil sketch

Boy, it has been a while since I last made some Zelda fan art! I made this sketchy little gag while I was on vacation with my family. I had some spare time on my hands, so I decided to draw this gag. Besides, I sort of promised luluissane that I would draw this for her.
We were talking about how we both thought that Oni Link was the most awesome thing since chocolate cake, when one of us (I forgot who it was) said that it would have been great if Oni Link had been playable outside of boss battles. Now of course, this is what pretty much every MM-player has said to him or herself at least once. So me and Lulu started speculating about what it would be like if Oni Link had been playable in the outside world. I said it would probably be awesome, but that it would be tough for him to get around as he was too tall to ride his horse Epona, who is just a fowl. After speculating a little more, I said that in fact none of Link's alternative forms could really ride Epona.
'Well,' said Lulu, 'What about Deku Link? He's nice and light.'
'Yeah, but he'd never be able to get on Epona in the first place, because he's too short.' I argued.
'Well with all the deku flowers scattered around, he could probably figure it out.'
'Wow! I never really thought of that before! What a creative solution! Hey, that might actually be a good idea for a gag!'
'Hey yeah!'


And so I promised I would do this gag for Lulu (full credit to her for giving me this idea). It's just a sketchy gag (and I doubt I will ever create a fully finished version), but I hope you'll like it nonetheless. In case you can't read the text in the final panel, here's what Deku Link is saying to Tatl: 'See? I told you it was possible! Now, pay up!'

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