Artist's status - Recovering from a hard drive crash
Curious about what I'm doing art-wise? Here's an overview of all the projects I'm working on, am going to work on, or have finished recently. I'll update this page whenever there is something to update about.

The order in which I work is as follows: SoL > Art for others (trades, contest prizes, etc.) > Personal work (pet projects, tutorials, etc.)

Requests: Closed
Art trades: Closed
Collabs: Closed

This page was last updated on: June 8th, 2013

Stuff of Legend

Chapter 8Scripted
Chapter 9-11Scripting

Art trades




Grass effects IIHaven't started yet
Fire, lightning and water effectsHaven't started yet


2010 PokeVenture
Moche reference sheet Finished
Round 1 Finished
Round 2 Page 30 of 46 finished (hiatus)
Round 3 (in my own time, due to dropping out) Scripting
Round 4 (in my own time, due to dropping out) Haven't started yet

Contest prizes

Pet projects
Uncia abilities sheetHaven't started yet
Blue Uncia extra spiffyHaven't started yet
SHC CradleHaven't started yet
Design AA character for MeroeHaven't started yet

Website related stuff
Make new buttons and banners Haven't started yet
Revamp styleswitcher Haven't started yet
Revamp skins Haven't started yet
Reorganize galleries Working on it
Add more extras Haven't started yet
Blue Uncia 2.0 On hold

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